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I wanna marry a St. Jude nurse

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by Monica, Blake's mom

January 2012

The first nurse we met at St. Jude was Reagan Graham. She was so sweet and nice to us, and Blake loved her right away. She brought him toys, and even now that we’re almost done with treatment, she’ll pop into his room, just to say hello. Blake was loving on his nurses so much and being so much of a flirt that one day I told Reagan that I wanted to make him a shirt that said, ‘I wanna marry a St. Jude nurse.’ She died laughing and told me that, as soon as I made it, I had to come and show her, so that’s exactly what we did. I just wanted the shirt to be something special to let the nurses know how much we appreciate them. And it’s something we can keep forever as a keepsake. He finishes treatment this week, but I have a feeling that I’ll need to make him some more of these t-shirts in bigger sizes so he can keep wearing them as he gets older!