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A Happy Ending....

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by Elizabeth

January 1996

I'll take you back to 1996, when a 7yr old girl, her parents and her brother came to NY from Bolivia. This little girls spoke no English and there was something else notable about her, she couldn't walk. This young child, Gabby, had a debilitating form of cancer; what was worse, they were in a foreign country with no hope for treatment for their child. The little girl's name was Gabby.
As one of the nurses who cared for Gabby upon her arrival, I recall the hurt and disappointment her family felt when they were told there would be no way to treat her in NY.
On this particular pediatric unit, the nurses were used to caring for children with various cancers; however, to learn that this child could not be treated in NY was horrifying to say the least; we knew how serious her condition was and I have left out details of how sick she really was (we were all very concerned). How is this possible? There was no hope of treating her in NY and no way of taking her back home in her condition, we all feared the worst for this fragile little child.

Then like Angels from heaven, in came St. Jude's. It was confusing and very much of a relief to learn that Gabby could be treated at St. Jude's and I recall the relief on the faces of her family upon learning that there was treatment available for their daughter. words could never describe their relief.

I have been able to follow Gabby's treatment and story via St. Jude's different patient campaigns and often wonder if Gabby's success would have been the same had she been treated in NY. Either way, I am glad there is a happy ending in this wonderful girl's life and am proud to have known her, even for a short time. Ever since then, I have been a strong supporter and advocate of St. Jude's and share this story as often as possible in order to raise awareness of how incredible St. Jude's really is.