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Ada Regan with Danny Thomas

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by Ada

November 1982

My husband, Barrie and I, together with our family, first met Danny Thomas on June 14, 1981 when he came to our home to attend a formal dinner in his honor. It was a fundraising event presented by the local representatives of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and attended by 100 supporters. Mr. Thomas was gracious to everyone so we felt we had been longtime friends. During the evening he became aware that this was also a very significant and sad time for our family. It was almost the first anniversary of a great and tragic loss of our son’s wife and two little sons in an accidental drowning in their swimming pool.

Danny immediately confronted our son with his compassion and philosophy, determined to help Glen accept this terrible loss and move forward. We then saw the genuine Danny Thomas whose caring heart extended far beyond his immediate interests.

In a gesture of appreciation to us, the committee arranged to commission a couple in Memphis to sculpt a group of three figures, representing our daughter-in-law and grandchildren. In 1982 they were unveiled by Danny then placed in the gardens at St. Jude.

We remained friends with Danny and Rose Marie until their end..

Sincerely and with gratitude – Ada Regan